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How Can A Woman Improve Her Chances For Successful Conception?


In parts one and two of our three-part blog series, Kathleen McFarlane explained what types of fertility patients she helps most frequently, as well as what her approach is. In this final installment, she discusses factors that can affect your ability to conceive:

Some of the factors that affect a woman’s fertility are more obvious than others. For example, a patient’s age, exposure to toxins such as drugs and alcohol, or environmental toxins from work such as paints, chemicals or mercury can all take a toll on the body. There are many aspects of a patient’s health and lifestyle that a naturopath can address to help the patient achieve a healthier state of mind and body.

For women who have hormonal irregularities, there are some wonderful herbal medicines to help restore hormonal balance and increase her chances of becoming pregnant. However, the general health of the patient is equally as important. In order to increase a patient’s chances of having a baby, the body must be in its ideal state. In addition to supporting the nervous system and reducing the impact of elevated stress hormones on the reproductive system, I examine a woman’s nutrition for possible risk factors. I also consider exposure to radiation as it can have a negative impact on fertility. Mobile phones, microwave ovens, and radiation from flying frequently are all sources of radiation many of us do not consider. Even environmental factors such as exposure to certain plastics can have a significant impact. Plastics (part of a group of chemical structures known as xenoestrogens) have a very similar chemical structure to estrogen and can disrupt a woman’s natural estrogen levels. As a naturopath, I try to make my patients aware of unexpected places and items that might expose them to xenoestrogens in everyday life, such as cooking utensils, food storage units, and water storage devices. Preparing the body for pregnancy and optimizing fertility from a naturopathic perspective is about looking beyond the standard medical model.

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