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Women’s and Reproductive Health & Hormonal Balance

Hormonal disturbances are usually the result of environmental factors, stress, nutritional imbalances and genetic makeup. Naturopathic treatment is effective in supporting all these areas and is designed to restore hormonal balance and reduce reproductive health symptoms.

Kathleen McFarlane is well trained in the naturopathic treatment of –

Naturopathic Preconception Care is about looking at ways to optimise the health of both parents before they decide to conceive, whether that be via the natural method or IVF . Preconception care is designed to ensure adequate supply of all nutritional factors which are essential for the health of the sperm, ova and foetus. It is also designed to ensure an absence of those factors which are known compromise general health or may be harmful to foetal development. Stress is known to play a role in fertility issues and a Naturopath will also consider the emotional wellbeing of the prospective parents.

In today’s society where environmental toxins are on the increase and fertility rates on the decrease, there is an even greater need to consider Preconception health care.

“Kath is very passionate about what she does and the people who come to see her. I highly recommend!”



Pregnancy is a time when you want your body to be as healthy and as vital as it can be, not just for you, but also for the baby.

A Naturopath is trained to help in many ways during pregnancy. Whether it is to support the extra nutritional demands of pregnancy, reduce morning sickness, address undiagnosed allergies, reduce heartburn, constipation and stress or other pre-existing conditions – Naturopathy can offer safe and effective support.