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Sleep and Fatigue

The importance of a good night’s sleep is often undervalued in today’s society where we become easily disconnected from our body’s natural biorhythms. Apart from replenishing energy levels and promoting relaxation, many important biological functions depend on recuperative sleep. Numerous health conditions are exacerbated by poor sleep such as mental illness, cardiovascular disease and even unwanted weight gain.

There are many different problems that can exist with sleep, from disrupted sleep in newborns and night terrors in infants through to insomnia, nocturia, chronic pain and obstructive sleep apnoea in adults. Usually, no two patients are the same. So, individualised care is paramount. A Naturopath looks at each patient holistically and formulates a specific treatment plan for that individual. A Naturopath uses both nutritional and herbal medicine, as well as lifestyle recommendations to help restore the sleep cycle and promote more recuperative sleep.

Kathleen McFarlane is passionate about helping patients improve their sleep and believes that ensuring recuperative sleep should be the cornerstone of many treatment plans. She is very knowledgeable and presents to various groups on the topic. Through her access to leading Sleep Medicine Specialists she is also able to offer patients a ‘home based’ sleep study to help analyse individual sleeping patterns to enable more appropriate care.