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Initial Consultation

(60 minutes)

The initial appointment is structured to help Kathleen understand your health in as much detail as possible. A comprehensive case history is taken where you will be asked specific questions about all the systems of your body. There will also be a detailed discussion about your presenting symptoms and current medications. Kathleen will review your dietary habits to better understand how they may be contributing to your health picture and you will learn how to make healthy dietary choices that are right for you. Time will also be spent discussing your lifestyle. At the end of the consultation Kathleen will conduct a brief physical assessment and look at your fingernails, tongue and iris and will perform a blood pressure check. You may also be referred for additional testing such as food sensitivities or complete digestive stool analysis as required.

A questionnaire is emailed out to you prior to this first appointment enabling you to provide a detailed history of your health including all medications, supplements, eating habits and health goals. It is important you take the time to complete this questionnaire and consider what it is that has bought you to see the Naturopath. This ensures you and the Naturopath are best able to use your time together in the consultation. It is also recommended you bring along copies of any recent medical test results if you have access to them. The initial consultation fee also includes the time taken after your appointment for Kathleen to prepare a detailed natural health treatment plan and specific dietary notes. These are presented to you at the next follow up appointment.

Follow Up Consultations
( 20 or 40 minutes )

The first follow up appointment is where you will be given your treatment plan and any specific dietary notes. It is also where Kathleen will review any tests results. Follow up appointments are structured to monitor the effectiveness of your naturopathic prescription and treatment progress. They are scheduled bi-monthly until your symptoms subside and are then scheduled less frequently ( monthly or longer) once your health has stabilized. Your follow appointment schedule will depend on the complexity of your case and the time taken to reduce symptoms and address underlying factors.

Naturopathic Treatment Plan and Naturopathic Prescriptions

The Naturopath aims to use the most natural and least invasive form of medicine. Naturopathic prescriptions may include herbal medicine, nutritional medicine or flower essences along with specific diet and lifestyle recommendations.