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The Oral Contraceptive Pill: Are you fully informed?

The Oral Contraceptive Pill (OCP) was first released in Australia in 1961 and is now the no. 1 form of contraception, used by millions of women globally. Since its release, there have been modifications made to improve its safety as it was previously associated with many nasty side effects, including […]

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Miscarriage – what can Naturopathy offer?

Miscarriage is a devastating blow to any couple trying to have a baby. The emotional toll is high, as those involved struggle through the various stages of grief. Sadly, many couples suffer through multiple miscarriages, leaving them angry, anxious, and fearful with a sense of no control and no answers. […]

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Naturopathy’s Role in Supporting In Vitro Fertilisation

Can Naturopathy support the IVF process? Assisted reproductive technologies, like IVF, assist the physical interaction between a viable egg and sperm and then introduce the fertilised embryo into the uterus with the hope of a resulting pregnancy. It is usually a lengthy, emotional, and costly last resort for couples who […]

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Fertility and Pregnancy: Sydney Naturopath Explains How Natural Solutions Can Help

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Kathleen McFarlane supports her fertility patients’ reproductive health by examining hormone levels, lifestyle practices, and environmental factors that might impact a woman’s ability to conceive. Sydney, AU – At Kathleen McFarlane’s Sydney naturopathy practice, she uses herbal and nutritional medicine in combination with lifestyle modifications to assist patients with a […]

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How Can A Woman Improve Her Chances For Successful Conception?

In parts one and two of our three-part blog series, Kathleen McFarlane explained what types of fertility patients she helps most frequently, as well as what her approach is. In this final installment, she discusses factors that can affect your ability to conceive: Some of the factors that affect a […]

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